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Whole bean coffees to grind at home, or let us do that for you. Just tell us your machine type.
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Buying the best and trading fairly

Our coffee buying philosophy is simple; we aim to buy the very best coffees in the world. For us, the very best quality goes much further than a great tasting cup of coffee. We believe that it should encompass the quality of life for those who are growing our coffees, so we pay sustainable prices for all our coffees.

We know most of the farmers we buy from well and regard many of them as friends. Furthermore we are committed to long-term relationships so that our coffee suppliers know that we’re not here today and gone tomorrow, and all our coffee buyers are qualified social auditors. Thanks to our buying policy, the farms we work with continue to thrive and produce the excellent quality that we require.

If you'd like to buy our teas and coffees overseas please click the link to view our list.

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