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Decaffé RC3687


Many processes for removing caffeine from raw coffee beans use chemical solvents. With our decaffeinated coffee, the caffeine has been gently removed using the Pure Water Process, a technique developed in Switzerland. The unroasted coffee is soaked in water, which has been enriched with only the natural compounds found within coffee: sugars, minerals, and so on.

This water draws the caffeine from the beans so that it becomes dispersed equally throughout the water. It is then washed away, and the process is repeated until no caffeine remains within the beans.

We have chosen excellent arabica coffees from Brazil and Guatemala.

Medium dark roast, 4


Our Decaffé is a 'Great Taste Award 2010' one star winner.

Coffee Origin: Central America, South America
Coffee Type: Ground Coffee
Roast Colour: Medium Dark Roast
Coffee Range: Signature Blends
Price per 100g:
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