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We create coffees that taste extraordinary by using extremely good ingredients, creating clever blends and building close relationships with the best growers in the world.


All our tea and coffee is carbon neutral - but what does that actually mean? Here's an explanation of how we've lowered our carbon footprint, and the three projects in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda which have reduced the emissions of our products to zero.

Carbon Neutral Tea and Coffee
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In May we approached a group called Creating for Good with an idea for a partnership - to take eight content creators on a journey through flavour, starting at our home in Harrogate and ending in Rwanda.

The Extraordinary Journey – launch
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The UK has never been so in love with food. The last couple of decades have seen British tastes expand rapidly into new cuisines and ingredients. As if enlivened by a spritz of lime, the country’s palate has woken up. But we haven't just ventured outwards. As we explore new flavours, we’ve looked more closely at familiar foods too.

Why is it so hard to talk about coffee?
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