We've had a deep fascination with flavour for 130 years – and we think you can taste the difference.


We’re an independent family tea and coffee company from Harrogate in Yorkshire. We have strong family values, like a love for fairness, quality, creativity and the importance of treating people with respect. And we're completely, utterly devoted to the pursuit of extraordinary flavour.

Our story starts back in 1886, when Charles Taylor and his two sons set up a tea and coffee company. C. E. Taylors & Sons became known for quality, and the flagship store at 1 Parliament Street, Harrogate became famous across the region.

Although we’ve grown a little since then, we’ve stayed true to our craft values. It’s because our family roots run more than a century deep – and we’ve never lost our independent streak.

CreatingExtraordinary Flavour



Our buyers regularly travel to visit our growers in person. It’s a step many companies don’t take, and it’s how we build such strong supplier relationships.



We often taste up to 1000 samples a day before selecting the best – and we rigorously taste test the final product to make sure it’s up to quality.



We roast all of our coffee beans on site in Harrogate, in our traditional drum roaster. The art of the roast is to find each coffee’s sweet spot, where the flavour is at its peak.



This is where the art of the tea and coffee maker gets truly creative – crafting blends which build complementary layers of flavour to create taste profiles which are greater than the sum of their parts.


Our relationship with our suppliers is based on collaboration. We re-invest part of our profits in community and environmental projects, and work to build and grow strong relationships over years, sometimes decades, to make a continued difference to the quality of our tea and coffee and to the lives of the people who grow them.

All of the tea and coffee we buy comes from independently certified farms and co-operatives (Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, or Fairtrade). To find out more about our values, click here...

We knowFlavour

We only buy speciality grade coffee – coffee which has scored 80 or above in the Speciality Coffee Association of America’s 100-point rating scale, which is widely considered to be the industry standard measure of quality. It’s the highest grading there is, and it means the coffee has a distinctive flavour profile and is grown in ideal climates by farmers who put quality first.

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