Building aResilientSupply Chain

Sustainability organisation GreenBiz has featured us in an article about building a more resilient supply chain. We’re sharing some quotes from the piece here, and we encourage you to visit GreenBiz for the full story.

John Gitao, factory unit manager at Makomboki Tea Factory, found in Kenya between Nairobi and Mount Kenya: “In my 20 years’ experience in the tea industry, no other tea buyer values where his product comes from more than Taylors. This company has consistently and continuously tried to improve our relationship through programs like rewarding quality, reducing costs through energy efficiency interventions, better health through water provision support, providing bursaries to needy and vulnerable children, and buying our teas at premium prices.”

Sarah Roberts, executive director for the Ethical Tea Partnership: “Where some other companies may be reluctant to get involved with tackling issues like extreme poverty and human trafficking, Taylors is always willing to put its head above the parapet. It’s like they’re saying, ‘We know we’re not going to be able to change this acting alone, but we’re absolutely determined to be part of the effort to get it changed.’ It’s an extremely bold and courageous approach, and if the industry is going to succeed in the face of so many challenges, we’re going to need a lot more companies like Taylors.”

Head of sustainable development at Taylors, Simon Hotchkin, said: “The strength of our relationships means that producers benefit from our long-term commitment to purchase, meaning they can plan into the future with some sense of security. They also benefit from transparent pricing mechanisms designed to reward quality, and support in coping with sustainability challenges like the effects of climate change, which ensures that they can continue to produce a quality product. In return, we get a secure supply of that quality product and come to be seen as the buyer of choice. It works both ways.”

For the full article, visit Greenbiz.

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