Coffee BagPackaging: The breakdown

Quality has always been at the heart of what we do. It’s what brings you a decent cup of coffee in any form from Taylors, whether you like to buy beans and start from scratch or you’ve discovered our easy-to-use coffee bags for on the go. But as well as quality we’ve always had a strong focus on sustainability, in the regions we buy our coffee from and at home where we roast and pack each product.

Sustainability has become really important to a lot of people now, which is great and there are probably some questions you might have at the moment, mainly on the packaging of our coffee, so we’ve broken it down for you below to make sure you know exactly what we’re using and why.

Packaging material and plastic have become important topics of recent years and will continue to be a key consideration for Taylors to ensure we’re using the right materials to keep your products fresh and, importantly, make sure what we use is good for the environment.

We’ve always made sure our packaging is of the highest quality and we were one of the first brands to use FSC cardboard in our products. We want you to know that where we do have plastics in our packaging, we are looking at better alternatives to use instead. But it’s really important that we keep our coffee fresh and that the material we choose is a material we can rely on for the future. We’re hoping to have our coffee bags packed in full recyclable material by 2021, but we have a few more steps to take first.

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide so you can see the journey we’re on and see where you could help us and the environment out.

Component What material? Why are we using it? When will it change?
Outer box FSC card This is the best card to use, supported by the Forest Stewardship Council and it’s made from wood that comes from FSC certified forests or post-consumer waste. As this part of our packaging is already recyclable we won’t need to change it! It’s already the best option out there and it can be easily and widely recycled
Envelope sleeve PET petroleum-based material

Triple Laminate


Alu foil layer for freshness

Without this envelope or with a paper alternative your coffee would start to go stale within a week. We are yet to find a good enough replacement which we know can be properly recycled and keep your coffee fresh. We’ve already reduced the envelope material by 25% which is a good start, but this is still a priority area for Taylors and we know we have more work to do. We’re aiming to have switched over to a new material that will be recyclable by the end of 2021.
Coffee bag PLA, a plant based plastic (can be referred to as BioWeb) We have been using PLA in our coffee bags ever since they launched. It’s the best for brewing quality and the environment. It’s important to know that it is still a plastic, so we can’t say we’re plastic free, but this is a much better form of plastic for the environment which can be composted in your food or garden council waste bin. Our bags are already compostable so just pop them in your food or garden council waste bins. Make sure these don’t go in an at home compost bin as they need quite a bit of heat and space to break down and it’s really important that you help us out here and dispose of this bit properly.


How to recycle

This is where we really need your help. We can’t stress enough how important it is to recycle where you can. Currently, only around 45% of household waste in the UK* is recycled which is way below the rate we should be aiming for and it doesn’t matter how many materials are changed if we don’t all start recycling.

For now, the envelope will need to put in your normal household bin but we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress and will be working hard to eliminate any unnecessary plastic in our products.

Carbon Neutral Products

Finally, did you know that all of our products at Taylors are Carbon Neutral certified? Over the last few years we’ve been investing in a few different projects at our tea and coffee origins in order to make our products carbon neutral. This is such an achievement and means we are doing our bit to help combat climate change. If you want to learn a bit more about this, you can read up our post Carbon Neutral Tea & Coffee.

Although we’re not quite there on our packaging, we’re working on this and lots of other exciting things as well, that work to help and support the environment and the people we have to thank for Taylors tea and coffee.

Household recycling source*

Written byElle Tehrani

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