Coffee bags

Why didn't we think
of them before?

Introducing Taylors coffee bags.
Fresh coffee, in a bag, that brews in two minutes.

This summer we’ll be touring the country to give you the chance to discover this genius invention. And you might spot us on TV too!

What is a Coffee Bag?

You might be sat there thinking we’ve lost our minds and we surely mean tea bags? We promise we haven’t lost our minds, this is an actual thing! We launched this product about two years ago and it’s a great way to get a quick, decent coffee when you’re in a rush or on-the-go. We’ve got different flavours and strengthens and they’re so easy to use! Find out more here about what a coffee bag is and how to use it.

We've had a makeover

If you’ve tried our coffee bags before, you might notice they’ve changed. We’ve switched up the packaging and changed the shape of the box and bag, so they look better, take up less cupboard space but taste just as good as before. Find out about the new packaging here.

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