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There are two ways to cook with coffee. One is to use it as an ingredient, and the other is to use the flavour notes in a particular coffee and to use them as inspiration.

We looked at both approaches during one of the workshops in our Extraordinary Journey – a project with Creating for Good and eight creators, who are helping us to tell the story of Taylors. Calling on the skills of former restaurateur Jessica Bride and food photographer Giulia Mule, the workshop explored a full menu which takes inspiration from our single origin coffee range.

There’s Berry Reserva from Nicaragua, with flavour notes of blueberry jam, sticky dried fruits, milk chocolate and peanuts.

Rare Blossom from Ethiopia is a riot of complex flavours like ripe mango, strawberry and honeysuckle, with notes of wood, spice, nutmeg and whisky.

And Praline Especial from Brazil has flavour notes of hazelnut, chocolate, cinder toffee and caramel. There’s also a gentle undercurrent of malt.

With these single origin coffees as inspiration, here’s the menu they devised – Ethiopian-spiced steak, roasted squash, lentil salad and vanilla soufflé.

Ethiopian Berbere Spiced Fillet with Caramelised Acorn Squash

Inspired by our Rare Blossom coffee from Ethiopia, the main course pairs fillet steak with an Ethiopian spice blend called berbere. To accompany it, a dish of caramelised acorn squash which echoes the honeysuckle notes of Rare Blossom and the caramel notes of Praline Especial, our single origin Brazilian coffee.

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Lentils, Gorgonzola & Balsamic Tomatoes

This is a twist on a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe. He created it for Share, the cookbook of Women For Women International – one of Creating for Good’s chosen charities, which we’re donating to as part of our Extraordinary Journey project. The use of lentils is classically Ethiopian, and the drizzle of a sticky balsamic vinaigrette is a nod to our Nicaraguan coffee, Berry Reserva, which has notes of blueberry jam and sticky dried fruits.

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Vanilla Soufflé with Café Crème Anglaise

The recipes above are inspired by coffee, but they don’t use it as an ingredient. When it comes to desserts, however, the flavour of coffee is in its element. This recipe uses our single origin Brazilian, Praline Especial, to create a coffee-and cream based soufflé. It pairs brilliantly with a cup of coffee too, or a dessert wine.

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You can find our more about our Extraordinary Journey here.


Written byTom Hay

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