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Our family business is committed to supporting people and planet, both in the Yorkshire region in which we’re based and in our global tea and coffee supply chain.

It’s because our relationship with our suppliers is based not just on trade, but also on collaboration and mutual respect.

We see investment in community and environmental projects as critical to support our long term future, and work to grow strong, lasting relationships, sometimes over decades, to make a continued difference to the quality of our teas and to the lives of the people who grow them.


In order to share more details about the many good things we help to fund each year, we’ve created our Projects Map – a browsable archive which details lots of the projects we’re proud of and shows you exactly where they happened (or are still happening).

So the next time you’re drinking our Brasilia coffee blend, sipping a Kenyan Citrus Gold espresso or brewing up a cup of Yorkshire Gold tea (sourced from Rwanda, Kenya and Assam) you can see some of the ways in which we’ve given back to the communities which grew them.

To explore the map, click here.

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