In May we approached a group called Creating for Good with an idea for a partnership – to develop a series of creative workshops to tell the story of our tea and coffee.

Creating for Good is a collective of  writers, photographers and food experts who feel passionately about using their skills to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

We asked them to help us take eight content creators on a journey starting at our home in Harrogate and ending in Rwanda –  the origin of some of our best teas and coffees and home to one of Creating for Good’s charities, Women for Women International.

The Extraordinary Journey project started in October, and will touch on everything from storytelling workshops and cooking sessions to botanical walks and cinemagraph classes. Each workshop is crafted around something we’re passionate about – travel, craftsmanship, food and nature – and will invest in the eight creators’ skills.

And we’ll also be donating to Women for Women International, which has already improved the lives of more than 75,000 in Rwanda by providing skills workshops in everything  from Agriculture and Bee-Keeping to Tailoring and Culinary Arts.

We’ll be sharing details of the events here as the project continues, so please do check back soon. But for now, let’s meet the creators…

Dominique, aka allthatisshe

Jo, aka candidsbyjo

Laura, aka circleofpines

Hannah, aka hannahargyle

Sara, aka me_and_orla

Giulia, aka mondomulia

Rosie, aka rosiefoodie

Carolyn, aka theslowtraveler

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