Our Ethics

People are at the heart of our business.

We source some of the world’s best teas and coffees from over 1 million farmers and workers in 24 countries.

We rely on building great relationships with our suppliers and the resilience of our supply chain to ensure we can continue to blend outstanding tea and coffee at our home here in Yorkshire. Our approach to sourcing is based on collaboration – we work in close partnership with our suppliers to build contracts, improve quality and find solutions to the challenges that impact the people we buy from.

Through investing in these relationships and paying a fair price we can help the communities we work with to thrive.

The regions we buy from

Tea and coffee growing regions are increasingly affected by unpredictable weather conditions from droughts to flash flooding, so supporting projects that can improve agricultural practices and help farmers adapt to climate change is really important to us.

We have helped to drive climate-smart coffee farming in Africa and we’ve been planting and protecting trees in the countries we buy from since 1990. Right now we’re working to plant one million trees in Kenya as part of our commitment to develop a carbon neutral supply chain by 2020.

Our partners

Just as we work in partnership with our suppliers to tackle social and environmental issues, we know that we can only have a lasting impact on improving lives and landscapes in the tea and coffee industry by joining forces with like-minded organisations.

All of the coffee we buy comes from independently certified farms and co-operatives (Rainforest Alliance, UTZ or Fairtrade) and we are founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, who are working to improve the lives of tea workers and the sustainability of tea production.

We’re proud to have been awarded a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development which recognises our commitment to creating a resilient supply chain.

We’ve outlined our commitment to ethical trading here, and you can discover some of the projects we support here.

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