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Our Supplier of the Year award is our annual award to recognise our suppliers who go the extra mile in their commitment to quality, sustainability and building relationships.

This year our awards went to…

Kawacom, Uganda

The coffee from Kawacom’s Sipi Falls factory in Uganda is used in some of our best-selling blends, including Rich Italian and Lazy Sunday. Since 2013 we have doubled the amount of coffee we buy from Kawacom.

Jamie Ball from the Coffee Buying Team said: “Over the last year we have seen a significant increase in the quality of what was already a very high standard of coffee. We have worked closely with Kawacom on both quality improvement and sustainability projects and have collaborated to improve the shelf life of the coffee we buy, and to help farmers adapt to the effects of climate change on their farms, which has increased their yields. The fact that they are the first suppliers to win our award twice is testament to the work they have done.”

Thomas Delbar from Kawacom said: “We’re very proud to have won this award. Taylors are quite unusual in the way they work with us as a supplier. They have a respectful way of working and we know that they are in it for the long term. Although Taylors are one of our smaller customers they receive the best coffee that we produce.

“It’s not just a business relationship – alongside the commercial impact we’ve collaborated on sustainability projects such as installing biogas units for farmers and running a drinking water pipeline for a local school and 700 coffee farmers’ homes.”

Kitabi Tea, Rwanda

Kitabi produces some of the finest teas in Africa – their bright, golden and brisk characteristic lend themselves perfectly to Yorkshire Gold.

Tea Buyer, Simon Hill, said: “Thanks to the long-term contracts we hold with Kitabi, we can work closely on making sure the tea they provide suits our taste and quality specifications. We’ve held annual taste calibration workshops at Kitabi over the last three years. We’ve also worked with them to provide best practice training for smallholder farmers and to bring water to tea growing communities.”

Jean Mutabazi from Kitabi said: “We have a very friendly relationship with Taylors. They have helped us to increase the availability of drinking water in villages and have helped to supply both tea seedlings and tree seedlings. Taylors thinks about farmers and thinks about environmental protection.”

Bela Nyirahuku from Kitabi said: “Working with Taylors helps us to produce better tea and helps us to take better care of the population. It feels like more than just business. As a buyer they are about building us and building the community. Taylors is a buyer of choice for us – it’s a unique relationship.”

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