Rwanda-ful CoffeeThe inspiration behind our new limited edition

Rwanda. The land of a thousand hills, a nation of resilience, a heartland for creativity and the origin of downright decent coffee.

Here at Taylors, we’ve been sourcing coffee from Rwanda for over half a decade and it’s an important part of loads of the coffees you’ll know and love. In a relatively short time we’ve made a big impact, supporting projects to help farms and farmers thrive.

2019 marks the third year we’ve partnered with the Kopakama Cooperative on initiatives to improve environmental practices and support the empowerment of women, equipping farmers with the tools needed to develop skills and knowledge for the future.

Now, for the first time we’ve created a limited-edition coffee that celebrates the origin’s charm, creativity and coffee growing excellence.

Agaseke has been lovingly crafted by our Q Graders (a fancy word for coffee wizards). Zesty and cheerful, it combines fruity flavours of Rwandan coffee against a backdrop of caramelly Colombian to create a cup that will inspire a smile on even the dullest of days.

The art on the outside of the pack was inspired by hope baskets, or Agaseke as they are known in Rwanda. The weaving of these traditional baskets has been a part of culture for centuries, a skill passed down from mother to daughter. After the 1994 genocide, the baskets gained new significance, with women joining together in weaving co-operatives. Agaseke have come to symbolise the things the word itself stands for: peace, hope and unity.

Rwanda, this coffee is a tribute to you, inside and out. Thank you for continuing to inspire our creativity and positivity. And for producing some of the most extraordinary coffees we buy.

Written byGina Stringer

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