Saving Money andTransforming Lives

By Pete Mullen
Taylors Central Procurement Team

Not too long ago I attended a ‘Business for Good’ lunch in Leeds which was organised by a social enterprise called the WildHearts Group. On a very basic level, WildHearts are an office supplies provider – however, they’re also the front end of a charitable foundation and 100% of their profits are invested into two different social schemes – microfinance and Micro-Tyco.

Through microfinance, WildHearts offer small short-terms loans in 40 developing countries, enabling predominantly female clients to set up small businesses and work their own way out of poverty. 90% of the loans go to women because around 75% of the world’s women are excluded from all forms of banking and credit. Also, studies have shown that women are more likely to spend their income on nutrition, education, medicine and housing for her family. As a result, investing in women transforms whole communities.


Micro-Tyco is a free entrepreneurial training programme that WildHearts run in schools, community groups, colleges and universities across the UK, and 20 other countries. The programme is also used in businesses to help young professionals to develop and grow.

Through these two schemes, WildHearts tackle economic injustice in the developing world and enable social mobility in the UK. By working with them, we’ll be converting some of our essential office overheads – pens, paper and so on – into social investments; transforming lives locally and globally. Since we have no choice but to buy these sort of things, it’s great to know that we can do so in a way that also helps improve people’s lives.

A Wildhearts project at a school in Ghana.

Looking at our current spend, WildHearts believe we’ll be funding them to transform 140 lives every year through their microfinance projects, whilst also supporting the continued delivery of Micro-Tyco to 8,000 school children across the UK each year.

You can find out more about WildHearts and the work they do here.

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