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August is the perfect month to sit down with a proper coffee and a good book, whether you’re on the sofa at home, sitting in the garden or lucky enough to be on holiday.  Taylors of Harrogate is teaming up with our friends at Vintage to bring you our pick of the best summer reads over the next four weeks. From crime to cookery, classics to the best new edge-of-your-seat thrillers we hope that there will be a book you’ll enjoy. Plus you can enter our competition to win every book we recommend  and a bundle of your favourite Taylors coffees too! Head to the Vintage website to enter.

This week we’re recommending three can’t-stop reads you can lose yourself in, perfect for when you have no plans apart from settling down with a cafetière of Lazy Sunday. This coffee is slow roasted to give it a smooth taste with subtle hints of smooth milk chocolate and citrus. We think it is the perfect accompaniment to a day lost in a good book.

Something to thrill you: Happy Ever After by C. C. MacDonald

A seemingly perfect life can be undone by one silly little mistake. Happy Ever After by C.C. MacDonald asks how hard will you fight if someone threatens to take away the things you love?

It tells the story of Naomi appears the perfect life with a wonderful family and home. But the pressures of infertility and a strained marriage lead her to her making a rash decision when she meets Sean, a fellow parent. While Sean disappears, someone knows and is determined not to let Naomi forget. If you loved Apple Tree Yard, you might like this book which shows that if you look below the surface, sometimes things aren’t exactly as perfect as they appear.

Why we love it:

First off it is a cracking read, a proper page turner. But we also love the fact that the characters are people that you’ll probably recognise from everyday life. Just be warned the story is highly addictive and you might find yourself putting off whatever it was that you intended to do that day.

Something to bring out the detective in you: From The Shadows by G. R. Halliday

Now for something from the other end of the country, as we head to the Scottish Highlands. If you like a good police investigation and love a book you can’t put down, we suggest that you might like to try From The Shadows by G. R. Halliday.

Set around Inverness and the brooding highlands that surround the city, the book follows Detective Inspector Monica Kennedy as she searches for a killer who she suspects will kill again. Meanwhile social worker Michael Bach is searching for a client who has gone missing. The hunt is on!

Why we love it:

Set over quite a short time period just seven days, this is a pacy novel that does not let up. The brooding Scottish landscape is a perfect partner to the action taking place within it. This book is a full of twists and turns, and you’ll definitely want to find out what happens next. Time for another Taylors coffee?

Something to indulge in: The Roasting Tin Series by Rukmini Iyer

If all that lockdown baking and cookery has left you looking for something you can just slam in the oven, we recommend The Roasting Tin Series by Rukmini Iyer. Plus is there anything nicer than sitting down with a cookery book and indulging in those lovely photos? The newest edition is The Roasting Tin Around The World and is full of great and easy to cook ideas for meat eaters, veggies and vegans.

Why we love it:

There is a whole world of great flavours out there, not only in food and spices. A coffee will have different flavours depending it is grown, just like different cultures have different food flavours. Travel is difficult right now, but you can explore global tastes at home without complicated ingredients and recipes. These Roasting Tin series are all about ‘mimimal effort, maximum flavour’; chop up a few ingredients, bang in the oven and relax. Preferably with one of the other books on this list and nice cup of Lazy Sunday!

Written byAbigail Sawyer

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