What actually is a coffee bag?

The coffee bag. It’s a rather different way of brewing coffee to what you might be used to! To fill you in on this genius invention, here’s a little information to explain what a coffee bag is and how to use it.

Nothing beats a proper coffee. But when you’re in a rush or out and about, we know it’s not always convenient to prepare. That’s why we’ve introduced coffee bags – an easier way to brew proper coffee with no mess or fancy brewing equipment needed. Just boil the kettle and you’re good to go.

We’ve popped 7.5gof fresh, roast and ground Taylors coffee inside a bag (made of PLA, more about that here). There are four different blends to choose from – Rich Italian, Hot Lava Java, Flying Start and Decaffé – and each bag has been individually wrapped to lock in the coffee’s freshness and flavour.

Coffee bags work just like a teabag. You simply open the envelop, pop the bag into your cup, top with hot water just off the boil and brew for two minutes. After those two minutes are up, give the bag a nice big squeeze with a spoon and dispose of in your food or garden council waste bins. Then simply add any milk or sugar and voila, a decent coffee ready to enjoy.

Written byGina Stringer

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